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04-Feb-2019 01:58

I did an image google search and guess what the person is using the pictures of 26 years old football player Darius Slay to catfish women on POF.

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Cons: Pretty Much Everything The women are deluded nasty females. That is a major "red flag" You can't "delete" your profile.One guy kept asking for (naked) pictures, so I sent him one of my Uncle in drag. "I put I am looking for friends this does not mean friends with benefits, you dumbasses.If you're a woman looking for a reasonable relationship, go to another site. Not sure it's as good as my all time fave wejustfit but it's not far off. The words that come to mind are "deluded nasty females" there is not one decent woman on here. Every guy on here, even the ones that look like Bill Gates, think they are a player and it makes my friends and I laugh our asses off." and this is pretty much every ad on here?!IF EVERY THING IN ITS ENTIRETY IS NOT ENTIRELY REMOVED FROM MY PROFILE TO INCLUDE MY IMAGES I WILL EMPLOY AN ATTORNEY AND FILE SUIT. And do some homework before you give a guy your phone number or email.

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NOT TO MENTION EVERY AGENCY I INTEND TO REPORT YOU TO. Someone is getting rich on a major scam dating site. Sure, it's not as good as some of the lesser known sites like We Just Fit or Match but still, it can get you results if you play things patiently and dont expect to find the woman of your dreams in five minutes.

I sent several emails to their "Help" department with no reply whatsoever. As soon as I made it clear via text that I wasn't into booty calls, guys would disappear. That's why Included her handle in this "**** I'm very allergic to cats, dumb******, and A-holes**** ....

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